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Use your fingerprint to activate your device instead of a pin code - very James Bondski!

Surf the web on your mobile!

4G or also known as LTE means faster downloads. Check your mobile is 4G LTE capable as this is the future baby!

NFC - If your phone has an NFC chip in it , it can transmit data to another by touching or being in close proximity. It can also make payments similar to credit cards which will soon be the future of payments!

Get access to the internet via wireless networks wherever you are! Usually means faster browsing. Some wifi networks require key codes and signal strength vary depending on areas.

Quad core is the most powerful processor enabling your mobile to sprint through apps!

Mobiles with the best quality cameras to replace your compact cameras so you can take the perfect shots while out and about. 

Enjoy your photos and videos in outstanding high definition format (even Misha's Uncle Oleg looks good in these). The higher the p, the higher the definition!

Webcam / Video call your friends via mobile or tablet using Skype, MSN Messenger and the likeski!

The sat nav system that helps you find your way while you're out and about. Depending on your mobile it will work jointly with a navigation service such as Google Maps.

aGPS is a super powered GPS which finds your location quicker than gps. Great if there's an emergency!

Drop it in the toilet or go swimming with it and it will still work!

2 sim cards in one handset!  Great if you want the same phone for both work and play and if you travel to another country regularly and want to avoid huge roaming charges.

Some mobiles have social network shortcuts or apps with super fast access to Facebook or twitter so you can let everyone know when you're out eating a banana!

Yo yoski! Dr Dre has had a hand in the audio system of this phone which enhances any music you are listening to via your mobile.

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