Best Basic phones for 2014 from

Looking for a great basic smartphone anyone could use? Look know further, we've compiled some of the best models of 2014 you could use in your sleep!

Best Basic phones for 2014 from

Monday, 19th May 2014


Whether you're looking for a smartphone even your technophobic nan can use, or a very basic feature phone perfect for users with learning difficulties – look no further. Mobilyse have searched high and low to bring you the very best selection of simple phones you could use with your eyes closed in the middle of a tornado. Brilliant as back up phones and useful as introductory phones for children, here are the best simple phones of 2014...


Nokia 105 

Nokia 105

Let's kick off with our favourite simple Nokia's, shall we? The Nokia 105 is probably one of the most basic phones you've ever seen. It's got 17 buttons, no operating system, no touch screen, no camera, no apps and – most importantly – no fuss.

“So what does it do?”, I hear you ask.  Well herein lies the beauty: the Nokia 105 sends texts. And it makes calls. And it does this free for only £7.50 a month! This makes the 105 a brilliant back up phone to keep in your desk for when your snazzy smartphone gives up the ghost goes to telephone heaven. It also means it's brilliant for kids and older people who need an uncomplicated phone which does what it says on the tin.

This handset is small, but extremely rugged with a rubberised cover – we challenge you to break this basic bad boy. (The battery life is also A+ - great for young kids and grandparents who may not remember to regularly charge up).

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Nokia 515 


Nokia 515

Here's another simple Nokia to add to the list: Meet the Nokia 515. It's a prettier feature phone than the Nokia 105, with a  big-ish, colourful display which provides a snazzy feel without the complexity or the price tag of a smartphone.

With a thin, sleek style and a 5MP camera (with lots of choice for shooting panoramas, video and self-timed portraits), we'd put this firmly in the “great for young kids” camp. But there's also plenty for the older “technologically challenged” crowd to enjoy – the curved screen for example, which although tiny, is bright and clear even in direct sunlight. The physical keyboard is also a plus, helping fingers that may not be as nimble as they once were to avoid tricky touchscreens. Loud HD quality sound is another big bonus for older eardrums.

Like many modern feature phones from 2013/2014, the 515 has taken steps to incorporate more recent mobile phone essentials, including simplified Facebook, Twitter and web browser apps which go far beyond the typical basic phone's “calls and texts” scope. That's one of the reasons why the 515  will set you back a few more of your pretty pennies compared to the Nokia 105, costing around £90 (if you choose the PAYG 3G-enabled option).

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Nokia Asha 503 

Nokia Asha 503

Another unusually flashy looking basic feature phone from Nokia. The Asha 503 is a slightly pricier option again, which you can own for a less-than-basic £100 (SIM only). For our elders (and wisers) the absence of a physical keyboard could be a problem. Instead a modern looking touchscreen is the only way to navigate which might prove difficult for less-than-tech-savvy fingers. What the Asha 503 does have, however, is:


  • Style - nobody will know you're using a basic model.
  • Extreme sturdiness - it feels virtually unbreakable.
  • A big, clear, simple app grid - with obvious icons for phone calls, text messages, camera etc.
  • Lots of basic apps - A music player, Facebook, a notepad, a calculator, a slow web browser...   

Originally developed as an introductory smartphone for emerging markets in India and Africa, this phone hasn't been designed for people with basic smartphone needs. However, if you're an older person and interested in getting started with a smartphone, this is a nice, clear piece of kit – you can even use it to send tweets once you know your way around! 

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Doro Liberto 810

Doro Liberto 810

Doro are well known for their collection of accessible, simple phones designed for the less tech-savvy. Their latest model, the Liberto 810, is the company's very first Android smartphone. With an incredibly simplified Android interface, it's been built to be intuitive and easy to navigate – despite including slightly more sophisticated technology than Doro's usual handsets.

Chunky, grippy and built to last, the Liberto 810 isn't especially pretty – but it does include easy-to-use, clearly labelled external buttons which is a big win on the accessibility front! You'll also find:

  • A bright, clear display
  • Large, readable fonts
  • A 5MP camera
  • A clutter-free user interface
  • Remote management through Doro Experience (so relatives can provide remote assistance from a PC)

With a decent (though not spectacular) battery life and lots of features designed to make smartphones more simple and manageable for older people, this accessible phone is well worth its slightly steeper price tag of around £125.

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Doro PhoneEasy 621

Doro PhoneEasy 621If the Liberto 810 is a bit too flashy for your simple phone requirements, Doro's PhoneEasy does exactly what it says on the tin – that's right, it's super easy! It's a slightly older model but it's full of features that the short of sight and hard of hearing will love. Big, easy to read buttons, compatibility with hearing aids and a section where you can add all of your emergency information (emergency contacts, your blood type, any allergies etc.).

If you find charging up a fiddly enterprise, you'll also love the easy-to-use charging dock. Instead of getting tangled up in wires and trying to find the doodad to charge your mobile, simply pop the PhoneEasy 621 into its dock and you'll be back to full power in no time. 

Our only concern is the flip phone, clam shell design which might be a little bit cumbersome (not to mention breakable) if you struggle with small gadgets. Otherwise, this is a great, simple phone which makes life easier for the older generation and – if your gran is a secret whizz-kid in waiting – she'll appreciate having 3G on board too!

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The Round-up

For a Back Up Basic: It's got to be the Nokia 105. For £15 it calls and texts, what more do you need?

For Kids: 
The Nokia 515 is pretty much indestructible, easy to use and pretty limited in terms of what it can do (in case you're worried about security) – but it also has enough fun extras and looks cool enough to keep kids happy.

For Older People: The Doro Liberto 810 is a great way to get your granddad using smartphone technology, combining easy-to-use features, a simplified Android operating system and lots of tech for the uninitiated to use if they decide to go beyond texts and calls.