Best Smartphones for Mums with Small Kids!

Whether your young'uns constantly want a go on your smartphone or you regularly drop your handset in poster paint, here are our 4 best phones for mums.

Best Smartphones for Mums with Small Kids!

Thursday, 19th June 2014

We might be living in the age of technology, but one rule still holds true: Kids and smartphones do not mix. Whether your handset regularly goes accidentally swimming in the bath, routinely gets dunked in poster paint or winds up in a set of sticky little fingers on every car journey, the Mobilyse team have got the answer.

We've gathered 4 of the very best smartphones for mums with small kids. We've focussed on the features which matter to busy mothers,  things like waterproofing, durability, wipe-ability, parental locks and games for kids. So if your last smartphone got savaged by the family dog or got covered in jam (cheeky little blighters!), look no further for your very best upgrade...

iPhone 5S

If your kids are a lively bunch, your smartphone needs to be able to survive the equivalent of an apocalypse. Submersion, falls from height, play dough in places no play dough should go, getting accidentally jumped on – to keep your smartphone in shape, you need it to be full of durable features.
Apple iPhone 5S
At the moment, the most durable flagship smartphone out there has to be the iPhone 5S. When put through its paces against its strongest competitors (including the Galaxy S5 and HTC One), this prime piece of Apple kit took the most punishment and came out the other side. It even played video and launched apps perfectly after several seconds submerged underwater.

On top of its industry-leading durability, the iPhone 5S has a lot more to offer mums and kids including:

  • iO7 operating system
    This OS is new from Apple and is even more simple and intuitive to use, great for time-strapped mums and kids getting to grips with technology. Whatsmore iO8 which will come out later this year is intoducing the equivalent of Windows Kids Corner so you can keep all the kiddie apps separate and lock away your own stuff from little fingers!
  • Better gaming
    The 5S also has lots to offer keen gamers. The 5S's app store is jam-packed with all sorts of games not available elsewhere, including the much-loved Limbo - ideal for 5 minutes' peace or for keeping the kids quiet in the backseat.
  • Fingerprint passwords
    The iPhone 5S scans your finger to unlock your phone. Not only is this incredibly cool for kids to see, it also means that nobody can access your phone without your permission.

There are a couple of downsides to consider. Firstly, this is not a cheap smartphone. If you're expecting some serious peril, you may want to choose a cheaper handset. Secondly, the battery life isn't incredible, it's predictable and acceptable, but for long car journeys you might not be able to keep the kids entertained all the way.

Finally, you'll find that the 4” screen is smaller than many of its 5” competitors too. This makes it easier for little hands to handle, but makes watching movies on the move with little ones a little less amazing. Overall, however, if you have the budget, the iPhone 5S is a powerful smartphone with tons of advanced features which will serve you exceptionally well even when you're away from the kiddywinks.

Sony Xperia Z1

If you like to keep the kids quiet and occupied with smartphone games when you're on long journeys or facing a long wait, you'll want a smartphone full of fab apps, no unexpected freezes, child-friendly settings and a parental lock. The Xperia Z1 is chock-a-block with great gaming features plus it's waterproof, dustproof, shock-absorbent and all round pretty rugged for a high end piece of kit.

Sony Xperia Z1

With a very bright, high-resolution 5” screen and enough power for even the most intense little gamer (there's a Snapdragon 800 chipset and 220 Adreno GPU under the bonnet) this is a fast, beautiful device to play games on – with no discernable lag even with process heavy apps.

This phone is also a fully subscribed PlayStation device which means you can access to the PlayStation mobile store and the ability to hook your smartphone up to a PS3 dual shock controller. Pretty cool. It's even got the innovative Sony TV SideView app which means you can watch TV and browse channels via an on screen guide, just like on your telly. Handy! If you're worried about what your sprogs may be able to stumble across on this fast-to-browse device, not to worry. With Android's  4.3 Jelly Bean OS, you'll be able to set parental controls and implement custom profiles with different levels of access for different users.

Downsides? Well, there were bound to be a few. Again, there's a steep price tag, so if you don't want your little angels to accidentally trash a £500 device, this might not be the right option for you. Equally, the 5” screen may look beautiful but does make this handset hard for small hands to hold.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2

Looking for something more or less indestructible which will survive your hectic routine, your handbag and your kids? The Galaxy Xcover 2 may not be the flashiest or most high tech smartphone on the block, but damn is it tough. This bad boy is so resilient it can even take underwater pictures. This handset is even IP67 certified, dustproof, waterproof, shock-proof and ready for whatever life throws its way – and it's cover is made from a plastic and rubber hybrid which makes it much easier for smaller hands to grip safely.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 2

Underneath all this armour, you'll find a very respectable smartphone. The 4” screen is big and sharp with great resolution, the dual core 1GHz processor  is powerful and keeps even heavy apps running more or less smoothly  and while it's not cheap, it won't cost you the earth either. Plus you'd basically need to throw it into a volcano to break it.

Our biggest qualms? The battery isn't super powerful which means you might not get as much play time out of it. And it is heavier (about 150g) which might weight down your bag a little. This is also a 3G rather than a 4G phone so you won't have lightening fast connectivity, but with kids around this isn't always a downside. Parental controls are perhaps not as sophisticated on Android's  4.1. Jellybean OS – it would be nice to see a 4.3. upgrade.

Nokia Lumia 520

Welcome to the world's best-selling Windows 8 handset. This is a hugely popular budget phone which looks bright, fun and colourful but which delivers the right mix of goods under the cover. Perhaps the most important feature for mums, a dedicated “Kid's Corner” app which allows parents to create custom log ins for little ones . This feature provides total control over which apps youngsters can use and which apps they can't.

Nokia Lumia 520
The Kid's Corner feature is available across the whole Lumia range, but the 520's price tag makes it a prime candidate for mums on the run. Not only is it affordable enough not to worry about too much in sticky little fingers, it's also got a better battery life than the more expensive Nokia Lumia 610 which means hours more playing, peace and quiet on car journeys!

There are a few downsides. If you love to take snaps on your smartphone to preserve treasured  childhood memories, you'll be disappointed to know that the 520 sports just one 5MP camera and no flash. Meanwhile,  the screen resolution is less than lovely which means video connoisseurs won't enjoy high quality visuals when they're watching TV and video. We'd bet our bottom dollar your young'uns won't mind though.