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Pay monthly: find your ideal tariff

With thousands of options to choose from and contracts starting at 12 months, we know it can be a daunting prospect choosing the right one. Use our calculator below to determine your expected usage and find the perfect pay monthly contract to suit you!

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1. How much do you want spend on your mobile each month?

Hot TiPskI:This is just the flat rate without all the extra calls, text and data downloads you may make every month. Usually the cheaper the monthly cost, the less inclusive minutes there are.

2. How long do you want your contract to last?

Hot TiPskI:Usually the longer the contract, the cheaper the tariff! Keep in mind if you're not happy with the network you choose, you will need to pay a penalty to get out early.

3. Do you want a free mobile with your contract or happy to pay a bit upfront?

Hot TiPskI:Bear in mind if it's the latest smartphone you’re after, the contracts offering them for free will be more expensive per month.

4. How many minutes, texts and data do you think you need?

How many calls do you think you’ll need to make each month?

How many texts do you think you’ll need to make each month?

Do you want to surf the web, check your emails and update your status without limits?

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5. Which networks are you interested in?